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In recognition of TeamHealth colleagues who responded during the Las Vegas Shooting

TeamHealth Colleagues,

On Monday, October 2, our nation woke up to learn of the tragic events that unfolded in Las Vegas, Nevada, where a gunman opened fire during a music festival on the Las Vegas strip. At least 58 people were killed, and more than 520 were injured. As I absorbed the news, my mind immediately turned to our Las Vegas-based colleagues who were at the center of the scene providing care for the injured.

We partner with eight facilities in the greater Las Vegas area. On the night of October 1, TeamHealth emergency physicians, hospitalists, advanced practice clinicians and PhysAssist scribes along with nurses, technicians and other hospital-based teams worked together in remarkable ways to provide care under incomprehensible circumstances. Combined, our teams provided care for nearly 400 patients in the immediate hours and days after the shooting.

400 patients. 400 lives forever changed.

Across the country, TeamHealth clinicians care for more than 29 million patients each year. Every day, we have the remarkable privilege to be part of someone’s story. Last week, that privilege was amplified. Many of the patients our teams cared for survived, but now face a long road to physical and emotional healing. Others did not survive, and their families and friends are left reeling in grief. In both cases, our teams were there; administering life-saving care under extremely trying circumstances and offering comfort to those overwhelmed by loss. In ways both big and small, our colleagues are forever part of the lives and stories of the patients and families affected by this tragedy.

The events that took place last week shook all of us. But, in the midst of grief, this tragedy reminded many of us why we do what we do each day and how much our work truly matters. Our work—our purpose—is more than a job. It is a calling, and it is an extraordinary responsibility. To all our teams—and especially our Las Vegas teams—thank you for your commitment to each other and to making healthcare better for the patients and families we serve.

Leif Murphy
TeamHealth Chief Executive Officer, President

Our country has endured several difficult events in the past weeks—Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria and the Las Vegas shooting. Resources are available for all TeamHealth associates who need help. To speak to a counselor or find resources related to stress and recovery, visit the LiveWell WorkLife Services website or call 844-526-8300 and use the code “TeamHealth” to access resources available to you.