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Converting Insights into Action: Leveraging Advanced Clinical Analytics to Improve Emergency Department Operations and Outcomes

December 13, 2022

Emergency medicine (EM) teams face many operational challenges which have only been compounded by the pandemic. Many teams lack the necessary data and analytic support to help build the right action plans. These complex and often interrelated problems leave many department leaders without a clear path forward. To support our clients, TeamHealth provides our proprietary…

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Anesthesia A-PEX: Achieving Peak Performance in Patient Experience

November 15, 2022

Imagine for a moment that you have an upcoming surgery. How are you feeling? Maybe you’re anxious thinking about the process, anxious about your recovery and anxious for the results. You will see multiple healthcare clinicians and others the day of your surgery and be given an abundance of information. It is easy to become…

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Accomplishing the Impossible: Transitioning a Multi-Facility Contract

The scope was massive: a start-up involving 20 programs spread across six hospitals that included six adult EDs, four free-standing EDs, two pediatric EDs, six adult hospitalist programs, one pediatric hospitalist program and one palliative care program. More daunting than the scope? The timeline. We had 42 days beginning over the Thanksgiving holiday when our…

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Clinical Skills and Drills Improve Maternal Care

June 23, 2022

Imagine an obstetrics patient with a rare, high-risk complication of pregnancy. The care team calls for a community physician, who is at another hospital in the middle of another high-risk delivery. Nurses must attend to the birth without the presence of a physician. While undoubtedly capable, they understand the risk to the patient without having…

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TeamHealth’s A-PEX Patient Experience Framework: Elevating Multi-Facility Scores in Texas

June 6, 2022

  TeamHealth is achieving remarkable success through targeted deployment of its patient experience program, A-PEX (Achieving Peak Performance in Patient Experience), resulting in elevated scores within several hospitals in a large community-based health system. The Challenge A Texas-based multi-facility system including eight leading regional hospitals, and comprising one of the largest health systems in the…

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TeamHealth OB-ED Program Provides New Innovations in Women's Care

The OB-ED: Redefining the Standard of Women’s Care Fundamentally changing how hospitals care for expectant mothers, the obstetrical emergency department (OB-ED) model enhances patient safety and clinical quality while also improving the patient experience. The OB-ED, an important innovation in women’s healthcare, redefines the standard for obstetrical care in the hospital setting while promoting patient…