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National Doctors' Day 2023 - Dr. Jessica Porter

March 27, 2023

TeamHealth extends our sincerest gratitude to physicians for their dedication and skill in caring for patients. In celebration of National Doctors’ Day 2023, Dr. Jessica Porter, Facility Medical Director, Hospital Medicine, shares why she became a physician and what she enjoys most about her work. Help us celebrate National Doctors’ Day by thanking physicians in…

Case Studies

Strengthening Anesthesia Patient Experience in a Diverse, High-Volume New York Facility

March 24, 2023

TeamHealth is enhancing outcomes and performance in facilities across the country with the proprietary A-PEX (Achieving Peak Performance in Patient Experience) program. In a non-profit hospital, an anesthesiology team has achieved markedly improved patient experience scores after the deployment of A-PEX. Partnership Information A 500+ bed non-profit facility in New York TeamHealth Services: Anesthesia The…


Orthopedic Surgery and Emergency Medicine Integration

Emergency medicine and acute orthopedic surgery are two vital and interconnected services in any hospital. When these services are integrated with the same clinical services provider, facilities can unlock efficiencies and raise standards of care. Dr. Richard Renaud, Facility Medical Director, Acute Orthopedic Surgery, shares more. Learn more about integrated orthopedic and emergent care.  

White Papers

Six Steps to Build a Successful Pediatric Emergency Medicine Program

When it comes to medical care, children are not just “little adults.” The field of Pediatric Emergency Medicine requires specialized knowledge, training and experience to effectively care for infants, children and adolescents—especially in an emergency, when every second counts. In fact, a study published in 2022 found that critically ill children are four times more…

Case Studies

Enhancing Emergency Medicine Performance across Diverse Facilities in a Midwestern Health System

March 15, 2023

Cognition is TeamHealth’s proprietary clinical analytics platform that helps emergency medicine (EM) leaders optimize staffing and clinical operations. When a large Midwestern healthcare system sought improved performance, they turned to TeamHealth. Using Cognition, our operational and clinical performance teams implemented tailored strategies across multiple facilities in the system. Data-Driven Solutions in Emergency Medicine A healthcare…


Episode 50 - Promoting Patient Safety in Emergency Medicine

March 14, 2023

Patient Safety Awareness Week is an annual observance focused on education and promotion of patient safety best practices and innovations. Patient safety is vital in every clinical scenario, and this is particularly true of emergency medicine. Guest host Dr. Heather Owen speaks with Dr. Michael Weinstock about his passion for patient safety education in emergency…