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TeamHealth CRNAs support patients in Elko and across the nation

By Kamas Wing, DNAP, CRNA, TeamHealth Chief CRNA, Northeastern Nevada Regional Hospital


Surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges, Elko, Nevada, is in the center of northern Nevada’s Great Basin, and it is the largest city between Salt Lake City and Reno. I grew up there, with a strong pulse on the healthcare industry, specifically anesthesiology. My father is a CRNA, and I am blessed to have him as a great mentor.

I have a heart for serving others. This, in addition to my background, led me to pursue becoming a CRNA.

Founded in legacy

I left Elko to attend school at Midwestern University in Glendale, Arizona. At this time, my father had been building a CRNA practice with three partners at Northeastern Nevada Regional Hospital for 20 years. The 75-bed hospital is an integral part of the Elko community and Northeastern Nevada. The Elko population is about 20,000, but the hospital serves an area with more than 80,000 people.

After I achieved my Doctorate of Nurse Anesthesia Practice, I returned to Elko, drawn back by mountains and open space, an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise.

At that time, my dad was moving from Elko, and I filled his shoes at Northeastern Nevada Regional Hospital. I have now been at the hospital for more than two years. Within the past six months, I began serving our strong, lean team of four CRNAs as chief CRNA, continuing what my dad established. My role as a leader is to strengthen and build upon this already great practice.

Northeastern Nevada Regional Hospital CRNA team
Left to right: Jim Cooper, Kamas Wing, Wes Diquattro and Benton Lunt
Building new innovations of care in our rural community

Providing anesthesia care to our rural community is special. We must ensure each team member is prepared for anything that comes through the door.

As the only acute care hospital within a 200-mile radius, we are ready to care for and stabilize patients in any situation – trauma, labor and delivery, difficult intubations. Currently, with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been functioning to assist the respiratory therapy team. We are heavily helping with intensive care, such as with COVID intubations, central lines and airway and vent management.

We stay up to date on the latest education and innovations to practice at the peak of our skill set.

Recognizing CRNA Week 2022

We are a service industry at our core. Our patients come first, but we also serve the surgeons and the hospital. And, like in any service industry, it is stressful and challenging, and it can be easy to feel unappreciated, especially with the emotional toll of working in the ongoing pandemic.

But, this CRNA Week, I want to ensure that all CRNAs feel valued. You may not feel it in the moment, but you are seen and you are valued.

The relationship we have with patients and the trust they place in us is extraordinary. Looking into a patient’s eyes and telling them that you will be there comforting and supporting them every breath and every beat of their surgery is sacred. They are putting their trust in your hands, and in return you are delivering amazing care. This CRNA Week, I hope that you take a moment to feel proud of that.

If you are interested in exploring TeamHealth CRNA job opportunities nationwide, click here. Join a team that supports you and recognizes the excellent patient care you provide.