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Suicide Prevention for Clinicians - Dr. Peter Kah

September 14, 2022

TeamHealth is actively working to combat the high rate of suicide and burnout among clinicians by increasing awareness and breaking the stigma surrounding seeking treatment for mental health and substance abuse. Dr. Peter Kah, Regional Medical Director, Emergency Medicine, and Co-Chair, Clinician Resiliency Committee, shares more about why it’s vital to talk about suicide prevention…


Patient Intervention and Screening - Dr. Perez-Garcia

With a rising number of attempted and completed suicides in the United States, each patient interaction can be a chance to screen and refer patients for mental health care. This should be a priority year-round, but Suicide Prevention Month offers a unique time to raise awareness and education around mental well-being. Dr. Gonzalo Perez-Garcia, Facility…


Why Well-being Matters - Dr. Peter Kah

To best care for patients, clinicians must first care for themselves. “TeamHealth puts so much of a focus on clinician well-being because we are a company that’s real purpose is to take care of people,” Peter Kah, MD, Regional Medical Director, Emergency Medicine, and Co-Chair, TeamHealth Clinician Resiliency Committee. Learn more from Dr. Kah about…


Clinical Resiliency Committee - Dr. Peter Kah

September 8, 2022

Founded in 2019, TeamHealth’s Clinical Resiliency Committee focuses on resources, support and education on well-being for our clinicians. “When we care about each other and take care of each other, we all benefit,” says Dr. Peter Kah, Regional Medical Director, Emergency Medicine, Co-Chair, Resiliency Committee. Learn more as Dr. Kah shares more about the committee’s goals…


Suicide Prevention in Residency - Katie Coffey

For residents, wellness can be a difficult balancing act. From thoughts of loan repayment to family obligations, among other stressors, all while starting their first role as an attending, it can be very difficult for clinicians to prioritize their own well-being. Katie Coffey, Recruitment Manager, Corporate, Residency & National Recruiting Events, shares more about prioritizing…


In the Life - Dr. Bryan Balentine

August 16, 2022

Bryan Balentine, MD, FACEP, Assistant System Medical Director, Emergency Medicine, shares his experiences with international medical mission trips for our In the Life series. Dr. Balentine expresses how giving back to those in need has given him a new outlook on his professional and personal life.