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Physician-Led Culture - Dr. Jay Mesrobian

November 30, 2023

TeamHealth is physician founded and led. In this video, Dr. Jay Mesrobian, Chief Clinical Officer and National Medical Director, Anesthesiology, shares the importance of our physician-led culture as way to ensure the best possible to care to our patients nationwide. Dr. Mesrobian says while we are physician-led, we rely on our clinical and non-clinical employees…


TeamHealth Culture - Dr. Jay Mesrobian

February 16, 2022

TeamHealth fosters a culture of inclusion, recognition and value. This foundation helps our partners provide vital community care and connects patients with the care they need across the country. Jay Mesrobian, MD, MBA, FASA, National Medical Director and Chief Clinical Officer, Anesthesiology, shares more about TeamHealth’s culture. Learn more about TeamHealth’s Anesthesia program.


Hispanic/Latinx Resource Group Importance - Yorya Perez

November 22, 2023

TeamHealth’s Hispanic/Latinx Resource Group launched this year, with goals to advance our commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. In this video, Yorya Perez, HR Consultant, shares the importance of this resource group as a space for our Hispanic/Latinx clinicians, associates and their allies to feel represented, included, heard and understood. Learn more about this resource…


Physician-Led Culture - Dr. Heather Owen

November 21, 2023

TeamHealth is physician founded and led. Prioritizing the wellness and needs of our clinicians empowers them to provide vital care while also helping our patients and partners. Learn more from Dr. Heather Owen, FACEP, Chief Clinical Officer, Emergency Medicine. Find out how our partnerships help transform community care. 


Dr. Deborah Younger's Passion for Medicine

November 16, 2023

Dr. Deborah Younger’s passion for medicine stems from her childhood, beginning her career as a nurse practitioner and later attending medical school at the age of 35. Dr. Younger’s widespread career has allowed her to help patients in remote areas to those worldwide. Recently, in honor of her 30+ years of service, the Summerville Medical…


Roles and Importance of Nurse Practitioners in Acute and Post-Acute Care

November 15, 2023

This #NPWeek2023, we recognize our Nurse Practitioners nationwide for their dedication and commitment to serving patients every day. In this video, Kim Metcalf, MSN, FNP-C, ENP-C, APRN, CEN, Regional APC Director, Emergency Medicine, and Jennifer Edgar, GNP-BC, Post-Acute Care, share the vital role of nurse practitioners in acute and post-acute care and share a special…