Emergency Medicine

Compassionate care for patients on their worst days is how we treat every day.

PLAY: Tremendous infrastructure in emergency medicine.

Performing above the rest in innovation and outcomes

We love that our clients love us—so much so that our client retention rate is an industry-leading 93%. So why do hospitals choose and stay with TeamHealth?

We outperform other groups in Emergency Medicine innovation, medical director leadership, recruiting and retaining the best emergency clinicians, and improving clinical throughput times. In all of these areas, we stand out in our ability to deliver on our promises through a winning combination of cutting-edge healthcare technology, teamwork, and LEAN processes.

And since no two hospitals are the same, we tap into our local knowledge and teams around the country to understand the unique issues you face in your region, before sharpening our solutions to make sure your specific goals are met.

TeamHealth demonstrated the ability to solve problems and provide sustainable solutions, rather than temporary fixes.
Director Emergency Medicine and Critical Care Services, Pennsylvania

Performance through partnership

Patient care excels in an environment that values teamwork. And it’s this culture of collaboration that has helped us drop LPMSE rates by over 51% within a year of partnership while simultaneously increasing patient satisfaction. We take the ED to a new level of efficiency and excellence thanks to our open, communicative relationships among business leaders and our many clinicians.

The numbers speak for themselves

We love talking about what we do, but when it comes to demonstrating the impact we’ve had in emergency medicine, we figured some figures might be just what the doctor ordered.

  • Clients are 45.5% more likely to recommend us than hospitals that use other national groups
  • 10.4 average years of service for a TeamHealth Medical Director
  • 93% client retention rate
  • 51% average first-year drop in Left Prior to Screening

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Gratifying work with great benefits

Your well-being is just as important as your patients’. Here are some of the ways we help you stay happy and practicing at your best.

Lose the loans

With a 3-year commitment at certain facilities, we can help you pay off up to $150,000 of your student loans.

Go “Beyond the Medicine”

Your growth and future are important to us, so we’re offering free skills-based lectures with experienced TeamHealth physicians on how to make the most of a career in Emergency Medicine.

More practice, more pay

Hone your clinical skills and earn some extra income by moonlighting at select facilities.

Don’t just get by

With a 2-year commitment at certain facilities, you can get a monthly stipend for the rest of your training.