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Empowering Veterans: TeamHealth's Commitment to Mental Wellness

June 3, 2024

By Scott Dickson, DO, MBA, Regional Medical Director, Northeast Group Co-Chair, Veteran Resource Group   As we recognize Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Awareness Month, it’s essential to shed light on the profound and often overlooked struggles that many veterans face in safeguarding their mental well-being. The experiences of combat and military service can leave lasting…

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The Hidden Toll: Unveiling the Clinical Impacts of Tornadoes

May 30, 2024

On Behalf of the TeamHealth Emerging Infectious Disease Taskforce   Introduction The United States has more significant tornadoes than any other country. In lieu of recent events, the TeamHealth Emerging Infectious Disease Taskforce (EIDT) discusses the clinical impacts of tornadoes. On average the U.S. experiences 800 to 1,500 tornadoes yearly. Those tornadoes result in approximately…

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Pioneering Elder Care Excellence in Louisville, Kentucky

May 22, 2024

By Adrian Pellegrini, MD Post-Acute Care Clinical Lead   Despite having negative side effects and limited efficacy, psychotropic drugs are frequently used in nursing homes, skilled nursing facilities and other post-acute care. Patients and residents can often have comorbidities, become aggressive, experience grief and loss and have negative mental impacts as a result of over-medication….

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Why Behavioral Health Matters in SNFs in 2024

April 30, 2024

Patients in skilled nursing facilities need more than just physical care — and SNFs are wisely delivering it. The inclusion of behavioral care with primary care in the skilled nursing setting is an essential development for SNFs. The question, of course, is how best to integrate behavioral health into the care continuum. Download the full…

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Advancing Patient Experience in Anesthesiology

April 26, 2024

Patient experience is a vital measure of quality for healthcare facilities and clinicians. Anesthesiology remains a relatively untapped area for improvement of patient experience, despite the overwhelming need for close attention to the perioperative space. As patients transition to surgery, they are often nervous and anxious for a procedure and beyond. Empowering anesthesia teams with…

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Eclipse Effects: Navigating Sundowning Syndrome

April 3, 2024

By Sheleigh Highsmith, PMHNP-BC Supervising Clinical Lead   Amidst the awe-inspiring spectacle of the April 8, solar eclipse, caregivers of individuals battling Sundowning Syndrome face unique challenges. At TeamHealth, we recognize this and stand ready to offer guidance and reassurance to those navigating the complexities of Sundown Syndrome during this celestial phenomenon. In this article,…