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Celebrate Diversity Month 2022

By Matthew Krauthamer, DO, Medical Director, Special Operations, TeamHealth Northeast Group


April is distinguished as Celebrate Diversity Month. It is a great opportunity for us all to recognize and honor the diversity surrounding us.

Celebrating the Diversity in My Life

Diversity is understanding and appreciating people from all walks of life, sexes, religion and sexual orientation – embracing and learning from others who are different than ourselves.

By taking time to reflect on our differences and similarities during this month, we can gain a better understanding of each other and develop a deeper appreciation for the value of diversity in our lives, including at work.

As the National Director of the Special Operations program, I have had the good fortune to meet and hire hundreds of clinicians over the past 10 years. Because it is a national program, I have met and learned about so many different cultures, beliefs and values. It truly has been enlightening. I have been able to see how different we all are, but yet the same across our company, and our nation.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at TeamHealth

In 2020, a 30-member Diversity, Equity and Inclusion committee was assembled with executive sponsorship by Leif Murphy, TeamHealth Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Jody Crane, Chief Medical Officer, and Eric Norman, Chief Human Resources Officer. The dedication and hard work of the committee members has led to exponential growth of DE&I at TeamHealth.

One area of the growth areas that I am very proud of and involved in is employee resource groups. At the start of last year, we had two existing employee resource groups. The Women in Leadership Group launched in 2016 and the Veteran’s Employee Resource Group in 2019. And, in 2021, we added the Black Cultural Resource Group, and we added the LGBTQ+ Resource Group, which I enjoy being involved in.

This year, the growth continues. TeamHealth named Dr. Stan Thompson, TeamHealth Chief Clinical Officer, LifePoint Group, as Chief Diversity Officer. I am excited about the focus that Dr. Thompson brings to DE&I at TeamHealth.

TeamHealth is a wonderful organization that I have had the benefit to be part of for the past 13 years. It has become a family to me. I truly love and appreciate all people that I work with and the company that has allowed me to be a better clinician to the patients I serve.