Woman in Leadership

Bringing women together across TeamHealth to develop leaders and mentors in our communities.

The Women in Leadership program was developed in 2016 to encourage women through collaboration and strategies to support women leaders within TeamHealth. Creating a mentor program, providing networking opportunities, identifying and developing talented women and promoting women leaders within TeamHealth are just some of the goals of this program. Through the creation and development of this program, TeamHealth helps to improve the recruitment and retention of women and promote a community of continuous learning, encouragement of female leaders and promotion of diversity in the workplace.


The purpose of the Women in Leadership program includes the abilities to:

  • Impact and increase recruitment and retention of female leaders in clinical and non-clinical settings.
  • Setup collaborative environments for women to share, discuss and network with each other.
  • Offer a mentoring program to build relationships and foster career development and aspirations.
  • Partner with leading organizations in our industry to offer strategic direction of women leadership in healthcare
  • Help women reach their goals while gaining new skills and insights.

Leadership Opportunities

The Women in Leadership program promotes growth and development for females across our clinical and non-clinical areas. To find out about leadership opportunities at TeamHealth:

Contact one of our talent acquisition team members to speak about leadership opportunities or sign-up for e-mail alerts to receive updates on open positions that fit your qualifications and career development goals.


Our Women in Leadership program is continuing to grow and evolve since its inception in 2016. For more information about the program or to give feedback, contact one of our steering committee members. Contact us about:

  • Becoming a part of the mentoring program.
  • Learning about resources in the Women in Leadership program.
  • Partnering with TeamHealth on programs to enhance the growth of women healthcare leaders.
  • Joining the Women in Leadership collaboration network through participating in our closed Facebook group.


TeamHealth’s Women in Leadership program is an active community of clinical and non-clinical team members developing materials to assist in the promotion of women at TeamHealth. Development materials include podcasts, articles, videos and other forms to communicate and distribute to females interested in growth of their careers.

You can visit our Women in Leadership Resources page which stores this information or visit our social media pages to find regular updates of these tools and resources dedicated to your development.