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April 26, 2024

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Advancing Patient Experience in Anesthesiology

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Patient experience is a vital measure of quality for healthcare facilities and clinicians. Anesthesiology remains a relatively untapped area for improvement of patient experience, despite the overwhelming need for close attention to the perioperative space. As patients transition to surgery, they are often nervous and anxious for a procedure and beyond. Empowering anesthesia teams with education and resources to help improve this experience is beneficial for both patients and clinicians.

TeamHealth’s APEX Program

TeamHealth’s proprietary patient experience program, APEX, uses an integrated approach to provide data-driven best practices. Spearheaded by our Performance and Innovations Consultants (PIC) team and clinicians, this turnkey program equips teams with boots-on-the-ground and ongoing education and resources to enhance patient experience. The program is active in multiple service lines, including anesthesiology after a piloted roll-out over two years ago with years’ worth of data-proven success.

APEX Live at Grand Strand Medical Center

Recently, our team engaged in an APEX Live event at Grand Strand Medical Center. The group had three goals: to coach anesthesiology leaders on best practices; to provide residents interactive education; and, to collaborate with nursing leaders. Completing each goal, the team was able to directly observe resident and clinician-patient interactions, shadow rounding and provide reviews and data-driven tactics for improvement. In a post-training survey, 100% of responding participants rated the program as excellent and rated the impact of the training as excellent.

Improving Together

The collaboration between Grand Strand Medical Center’s leadership and TeamHealth Anesthesiology is a testament to the shared commitment to enhancing patient experience and care. APEX supports the delivery of high-quality care, and the service line-specific tactics ensure a tailored approach based on team and facility needs. To learn more about how TeamHealth can support your facility or health system, please reach out to our team.