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November 15, 2022

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Implementing APEX: Anesthesia Patient Experience

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Imagine for a moment that you have an upcoming surgery. How are you feeling? Maybe you’re anxious thinking about the process, anxious about your recovery and anxious for the results. You will see multiple healthcare clinicians and others the day of your surgery and be given an abundance of information. It is easy to become overwhelmed.

This is an untapped opportunity for anesthesia teams to guide patients through a critical juncture. Teams can see positive outcomes in patient experience by providing education to clinicians on promoting positive interactions and communicating with patients using a consistent message and a systematic approach.

The Challenge

Many facilities miss critical information that can improve patient experience in the perioperative period. Assessment of patient experience with anesthesiology care is critical to understanding how patients perceive the communication and service they receive during their facility stay.

The Solution

TeamHealth’s Performance and Innovations Consultant (PIC) team and clinicians worked together to replicate key components from sites that were able to maintain a ninetieth percentile and above in patient experience. The turnkey program developed from this collaboration became APEX, our proprietary program that uses an integrated approach to provide data-driven best practices that improve clinician communication and directly enhance patient experience. With proven success across other service lines, including emergency medicine and hospital medicine, the team sought to implement and document the successful roll-out of the program within the anesthesia service.

Download the team’s full white paper to discover more about the APEX program and see supporting data for its successful implementation. Connect with our team to learn how we can help transform patient care and experience.

The Anesthesia Care Experience

Our proprietary turnkey innovation, APEX, now is a staple in the anesthesia service line at TeamHealth. As we work to implement APEX across all facilities, we have seen that the development and implementation of the program not only improves patient experience but also enhances the anesthesia clinician’s experience and offers them an opportunity for growth. Reach out to our team to learn more about how your facility can benefit from our deep clinical and operational knowledge and experience.


Download the White Paper