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Emergency medicine teams face many operational challenges, and many teams lack the necessary data and analytic support to help build the right action plans. These complex and often interrelated problems leave many department leaders without a clear path forward.

To support our partners, TeamHealth created our proprietary clinical analytics platform – Cognition. This application is a one-stop modeling environment for clinician staffing, productivity management and patient throughput, creating an efficient, balanced approach to clinical operations.

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Shift Optimizer

A suite of demand and capacity modeling tools for clinical teams


A facility-specific volume forecasting tool that provides insights into future performance

Facility Profile

A facility-specific inventory of throughput tactics and other valuable information


A suite of tools to create custom benchmarks, model bed demand and evaluate the impact of staffing

At its heart, Cognition is an advanced analytics platform that picks up where traditional reports and dashboards leave off. Simply put, it takes the guesswork out of staffing and clinical operations to the benefit of our clinicians, our clients and our patients
Matthew Ledges, MS, MD, Vice President, Clinical Analytics, TeamHealth