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December 13, 2022

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Converting Insights into Action: Leveraging Advanced Clinical Analytics to Improve Emergency Department Operations and Outcomes

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Emergency medicine (EM) teams face many operational challenges which have only been compounded by the pandemic. Many teams lack the necessary data and analytic support to help build the right action plans. These complex and often interrelated problems leave many department leaders without a clear path forward. To support our clients, TeamHealth provides our proprietary data platform, Cognition. Our clinical and operational experts created this analytics platform to help our leaders and client partners:

  • Quickly diagnose throughput and other operational problems
  • Provide insights into high-yield, data-driven solutions
  • Access a one-stop modeling environment for clinician and nurse staffing, productivity management and patient throughput
  • Create an efficient, balanced approach to clinical operations

The Right Partner with the Right Tools

When you need the right partner with the right tools, turn to TeamHealth. With our robust expertise and resources, we build programs with stability, longevity and innovation to reach our ultimate goal – providing patients with the high-quality care they need. We’ve spent over four decades working with hundreds of leading hospitals and health systems to advance medicine and improve care. That experience has helped us sharpen the resources and expertise to develop custom solutions for our clinicians and partners. If you’re interested in partnering with TeamHealth and experiencing the benefits of Cognition and other innovative solutions, please reach out to our team.

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