Critical Care

Improve clinical outcomes and patient experience with our round-the-clock intensivist team focused on caring for your critically ill patients.

Improving ICU outcomes through specialized care

A 24/7 clinician presence in the ICU frees hospitalists of highly-specialized procedures and on-call coverage allowing for more proactive and timely care management.

As your critical care partner, we bring a spirit of collaboration and teamwork, working with your leadership and clinical teams across other specialties and the patient’s entire care team to oversee effective treatment plans across your ICU. One way we accomplish this is through our daily multidisciplinary rounding sessions which are led by our intensivists. These team sessions include the patient’s primary bedside nurse, respiratory therapist, nutritionist, ICU pharmacist and social worker assigned to the ICU.

First and foremost we deliver excellent care to our patients. Quality and safety are our highest priorities. Our programs lower ICU mortality rates, reduce ventilator days, reduce hospital-acquired infections and improve ICU and hospital length of stay. We use objective data to drive performance and truly value being a partner that brings solutions to the unique challenges that each of our hospital partners face.
Rohit Uppal, MD, MBA, SFHM Chief Clinical Officer, Hospital Medicine

Standardized clinical protocols promote quality and safety in patient care

As a strategy for driving quality and safety, one of our primary goals is to reduce unnecessary variations in ICU patient care. We implement standardized protocols that combine national best practices with the tailored needs of our partner hospitals.

Implementing these protocols has helped us deliver the following benefits to leading hospitals and health systems across the country:

  • Reduction in days of mechanical ventilation
  • Reduction in ALOS in ICU by 0.5 to 1.0 day
  • Improved management of pharmacy costs

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Positive impacts on key metrics

Optimization and efficiency are critical components of our partnerships. We aim to improve your bottom line while maintaining a core focus on clinical quality, patient safety and the patient experience.

Strategic growth partners

We identify key challenges affecting the clinical, operational and financial success of your critical care operations, and together we will identify areas for growth and strategies that will help you achieve success.

High-quality care from high-caliber clinicians

We hire top-performing clinicians – specialists in critical care – and maintain a consistent expectation of clinical excellence.

Top clinical insights

Our culture values collaboration and partnership. We work hand in hand with our ICU partners to ensure that we're always aligned around the goals of our program.
Rohit Uppal, MD, MBA, SFHM Chief Clinical Officer, Hospital Medicine

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