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March 31, 2020

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Beyond Clinical Medicine Episode 21: Italy’s Ground Zero – COVID-19

COVID-19 Resources

This episode of Beyond Clinical Medicine shares a first-hand account from an emergency physician on the frontlines of Italy’s COVID-19 crisis. Listen as Dr. Rob Strauss discusses the medical impact and response to the cornonavirus pandemic with Dr. Matteo Paganini. Dr. Paganini is an Italian emergency physician who is currently serving his rural community in a hospital in the Veneto region of Italy. Dr. Paganini shares many stories and insights that will help clinicians in the United States who are on the front-lines of this battle. Listen to Dr. Paganini’s unique perspective on dealing with the stresses of caring for so many patients at one time during an outbreak, the psychological impact COVID-19 has on the clinical team, and suggestions for how to persevere in the most challenging of situations. Please listen and share with other clinical teams who may benefit from this conversation!