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March 31, 2020

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White Paper: COVID-19 Update for Post-Acute Care

COVID-19 Resources

The purpose of this document is to assist Post-Acute Care clinicians and operations with COVID-19 matters specific to our arena and in doing so augment the white papers from Emergency and Hospital Medicine.

This Post-Acute Care White Paper was submitted by Michelle Benedict, ANP-BC; Esperanza Fernandez, MD; Jennifer Edgar, FNP-BC; Joseph Singerman, MD; and Amy Hillock, LPN.

Clinical Updates

Updates will be posted in the Emergency Medicine White Paper, last updated March 19, 2020, with the following updates:

  • CDC Clinical Updates – o PUI – changes in criteria
  • Criteria for Return to Work for Healthcare Personnel with Confirmed or Suspected COVID-19
  • CMS Updates o CMS Guidance for the cancellation of Elective Surgery
  • TeamHealth Guidance o Guidance for Clinicians with Underlying Medical Conditions for COVID-19
  • Guidance for onsite and offsite screening areas and tents
  • Guidance for the use of Telemedicine for onsite patient care
  • Potential impact for ICU and ventilator resources based on CDC’s estimates

PAC Updates

  • Telehealth is very close to fruition, more to come in next few days.
  • With all the information and data out there, please refer to the TeamHealth COVID-19 updates and white paper, all are to follow the CDC guidelines therein, despite health department or corporate protocols.
  • PPE remains very scarce in Post-Acute, please if you are taking care of PUI or positive COVID-19 patient’s bedside, have the appropriate PPE if possible and mask at a minimum.
  • Arrange schedule coverage so that clinicians are only at one facility per day.
  • Podcast/information sent to all PAC service line every weekday.


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