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Transition: Oakwood Healthcare Center, Canton, MI

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Beaumont Health is a not-for-profit organization formed by Beaumont Health System, Botsford Health Care and Oakwood Healthcare. Four of the eight hospitals within the system and one healthcare center partnered with TeamHealth to manage the metro Detroit and southeast Michigan region providing emergency care to more than 200,000 patients per year.

Five Start-Ups in Less than 180 Days

The initial estimated launch time for this five ED start-up was approximately 180 days.The biggest challenge with a multi-location launch is recruitment and retention of a core group of physicians.


In eight short weeks, TeamHealth filled a remarkable 844.5 shifts. This could only be achieved from TeamHealth’s extensive resources and passion to build teams of physicians dedicated to exceptional patient care. During the change of management TeamHealth worked side-by-side with hospital administration and the medical staff to help ensure a smooth transition. The solid leaders and transition plan ensured everyone stayed on track and minimized transition blips. All resources were devoted to providing locally based emergency physician teams with the right leadership,resources and infrastructure to position the emergency facilities for success in meeting the system’s performance goals.

From more than 35 years of experience, TeamHealth is familiar with the possible political fallout that can occur from group transitions. Through extensive communication and support, disruption was minimized. In fact to further support the management change and focus on long-term success, TeamHealth partnered with the Osteopathic emergency medicine residency director and his core faculty to maintain the program entirely intact.


TeamHealth’s goal is to retain the physicians our hospital partners want to keep. Inmost cases, the physician team is kept whole as part of the transition and often fares better after they join TeamHealth. At these facilities, TeamHealth retained a remarkable ninety-three percent of the providers. To fill the remaining gaps,TeamHealth recruited fourteen additional providers within eight weeks!


“I am the happiest I have been in my career! I’ve received more support from TeamHealth in the past eight weeks than I have in the past ten years with our previous provider.”

“The transition was seamless and very well orchestrated.”


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