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October 18, 2023

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Excellence in the ED: Sustaining High-Performing Teams and Impressive Metrics

Case Studies

A 2023 report ranked Delaware as the state with the second longest emergency department (ED) wait times in the country, with an average of 215 minutes from arrival to movement to a treatment area. Other important benchmarks such as left without being seen (LWBS) rates and patient satisfaction scores suffer in relation. However, Saint Francis Hospital in Wilmington, Delaware, stands contrary. With an existing focus on efficiency, the facility’s ED weathered the COVID-19 pandemic with limited noticeable changes in key performance metrics. Furthermore, the team has returned to – and in fact, strengthened beyond – pre-pandemic performance and now looks ahead to sustain their success.

Sustaining ED Performance

Saint Francis and TeamHealth enjoy a long-standing partnership in emergency and hospitalist medicine. The firm foundation shines in the emergency department’s continued performance success and reputation for care excellence. To sustain this success, the team keeps a sharp focus on process, personnel and culture.

Download the full case study below to see how the team sustains ED performance. Learn more about partnering with TeamHealth by connecting with us today.


Download a PDF of the Study