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September 13, 2023

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ICU Partnership Transforms Care Delivery and Performance in a Midwestern Hospital

Case Studies

Over the past several years, a Midwestern healthcare facility experienced surges in the average length of stay and struggled with other performance indicator metrics. Beginning an ICU partnership with TeamHealth, the hospital transformed its critical care services in only a few quarters.

Forging an ICU Partnership

The Midwestern hospital sought improvements in its 28-bed intensive care unit (ICU)/cardiovascular care unit (CVCU). The department typically saw 15-25 patients, which included cardiothoracic (CT) surgery patients. Previously, the hospital had outsourced its critical care services with another group, but with the length of stay (LOS) and other metrics below desired levels, the facility wanted change. Hospital leadership turned to TeamHealth. On September 14, 2022, the partnership officially began. On day one, the team had 28 patients with an incumbent average LOS of 10 days. The immediate goal was to reduce LOS and improve other performance indicators.

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