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July 19, 2022

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Achieving Outstanding Patient Experience Scores – Implementing TeamHealth’s A-PEX Program in Hospital Medicine

Case Studies

TeamHealth is enhancing outcomes and performance in facilities across the country with our proprietary A-PEX (Achieving Peak Performance in Patient Experience) program. In a community hospital, a hospital medicine team has achieved higher scores and continues to exceed national averages in patient experience after deployment of A-PEX in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Facility Information

  • A 476-bed community hospital, part of a non-profit system in New Jersey

TeamHealth Services:

The Challenge

A New Jersey facility sought to improve their patient experience scores, with a goal to reach the top quartile for national HCAHPS scores. Shortly after starting down the path of improvement, the COVID-19 pandemic began, halting progress and necessitating a shift in priority to maintaining safety for clinicians, staff and patients. After many months, a sense of stability reappeared and the facility once again embarked on their performance improvements.

Benefits of A-PEX Deployment

The A-PEX program unlocks teams’ potential in patient experience. Patient safety, clinical quality and evidence-based best practices combine to form a strong foundation for the continued success we have experienced in our deployment of the program.

Not only are we able to transform patient experience – and boost satisfaction scores – but we also foster an engaged and active clinical team, which increases clinician experience and retention. In turn, this further strengthens the quality and experience we provide patients. All of these factors combine to fortify departmental performance, which ensures patients, clinicians and facilities reap shared benefits from the program.

“Our facility quality/performance metrics have continued to improve, and this has led to better patient outcomes and improved patient and physician satisfaction. We are very pleased with this initiative and look forward to continued collaboration with TeamHealth so that we can work together and continue to provide exemplary care to our patients and families.”  – Hospital President


  • Increased likelihood to recommend in HCAHPS placement to 74%, exceeding the national average of 73%.
  • Increased HCAHPS physician communication measure by 11% by end of year.
  • Improved LOS index to .83, well below the target goal
  • Decreased 30-day readmissions to 10.53%, under the target goal of 11.9%

TeamHealth is dedicated to continuous process and performance improvement. Our approach to partnership with our facility clients is long-lasting, collaborative and symbiotic. Our ultimate goal is to effectively care for patients when they need us most, and we achieve this while ensuring facility goals are met and clinicians are supported.

Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can support quality care in your facility and to discover the benefits of our A-PEX program. Download the full case study to learn more about the tactics the team implemented to achieve these results.