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Share what makes you smile

As physicians and advanced practice clinicians (APCs), you are on the front line of the COVID-19 pandemic. We encourage you to share what brings you reprieve in the midst of the stress. It could be anything from hiking your favorite trail to team-building activities with your colleagues. Submit a picture and story of what makes you happy here.

By sharing, you will be entered to win awesome prizes.

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$500 Amazon gift card

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Don’t forget to post your pictures and stories using #THShareHappiness across social media, and check out all of last year’s entries on Facebook.

Thank you for providing compassionate care every day. You play a critical role during this challenging time in the world, and we cannot wait to learn what drives you.

Celeste’s happiness
2019 Share Happiness Contest Winner

Celeste Beatty, Physician Assistant at Sovah Health in Danville, Virginia, and the 2019 Share Happiness Contest Winner, has been on a courageous journey. Read the story she submitted in October 2019 about the love she has experienced from friends, family and colleagues along the way.

“My happiness is every moment I get to spend with my family making memories. Though my family has always brought me happiness, I know and feel this on a much deeper level than I did just a few months ago. On July 25, I was outside with my 4-year-old daughter when I had a seizure. Thankfully, my father-in-law was with me and called 911. I was transported to the Emergency Department where I work full time. It was my friend and lead APC who took care of me and had to break the news that I had a brain mass located in the right frontal lobe. I was ultimately transferred to Duke University and underwent a craniotomy. The surgeon resected 85 percent of the mass. I was found to have a grade 2 oligodendroglia and am currently undergoing radiation and chemotherapy. I have just recently been able to start back to work part-time. I am incredibly thankful that although I do have brain cancer, it is treatable, and I am going to be able to watch my children grow up. As I look at the picture from our family vacation just a few months before all of this happened, I am happy for every memory we have made and will be able to make in the future. The importance of just enjoying little moments has become so apparent to me now. I also have to say that I could not have made it this far through this ordeal without not only my family but my amazing friends and co-workers who have given an immense amount of love and support.”

Share Happiness submissions are due on Saturday, October 31. By submitting your story, either in written or photo format, you agree that TeamHealth has your permission to repost or reprint it in future communication. All physicians and APCs in the United States are eligible to participate.