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Celebrate National Nurse Practitioner Week with TeamHealth

It’s National Nurse Practitioner Week and TeamHealth wants to recognize all nurse practitioners for their hard work and thank them for their dedication to patient care with a huge THANK YOU! Did you know that nurse practitioners offer 234,000 solutions to strengthening health care for America? Nurse practitioners (NPs) are the health care providers of choice for millions of Americans each year, thanks to the high-quality, patient-centered primary, acute and specialty care they provide. NPs order, perform and interpret diagnostic tests and can prescribe medication and other treatments.

NPs are proven, expert, patient-centered clinicians, and they are the health care providers of choice for many people because of their unique combination of medical and nursing expertise and skills. NPs diagnose and treat acute and chronic conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, infections and injuries; they order, perform, interpret and supervise diagnostic tests such as lab work and x-rays; and they prescribe medications and other treatments.

“With over 20 years of experience as an NP, many opportunities exist in my area that offers better pay and/or location. But I feel connected to TeamHealth both locally and nationally. I feel like TeamHealth values NPs as well as CRNAs, PAs and AAs as a vital part of the provider role. So I stay because I feel that TH stands behind me in my everyday work, and is committed to helping me be the best provider I can be,” said TeamHealth’s Jenni Roberts, MSN, ACNP-C.

Jenni Roberts NP

In addition, NPs partner with their patients, providing health education and counseling, thus guiding patients to make smarter health and lifestyle choices, which ultimately may lead to reduced health care costs. November 12 – 18 is National #NPWeek. If you’re already seeing a nurse practitioner, please take a moment this week to say thanks.

Happy National Nurse Practitioner Week from TeamHealth!