Hospital Medicine

TeamHealth’s hospital medicine services advance clinical quality and operational efficiency to improve team performance, deliver compassionate care and promote partnership success.


Advancing patient-centered, quality care with continuous innovation.


Hospitals face unique challenges while managing inpatient populations – from ensuring continuity of care to balancing financial resources to supporting clinician wellness and everything in between. TeamHealth’s hospital medicine program provides dedicated 24/7 in-house teams to improve care and performance through a patient-centered approach with an emphasis on innovative and customizable solutions. Whether a rural hospital needs consistent inpatient coverage or a large metropolitan facility needs to improve CMI, we are here.

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Find a hospital medicine partner you can trust.

As our partner, you tap into the collective wisdom and deep expertise of the best hospitalists and the largest healthcare data set in the country. We recruit and retain world-class clinical teams to provide exceptional care and improve facility performance, all while providing tailored solutions and ongoing support.

When you partner with us for hospital medicine services, you can expect a sharp focus on:

  • Building strong teams with ongoing clinician wellness measures, leadership development and multidisciplinary approach
  • Ongoing performance improvements for reducing readmission rates and length of stay and improving other key metrics
  • Standardizing and scaling best practices with the collective expertise of our national network of world-class clinicians
  • Emphasizing smooth and sustainable partnership transitions for uninterrupted services
  • Fostering cultures of safety through our Patient Safety Organization and robust resources
  • Harnessing the power of our integrated services lines for better patient outcomes and transitions of care


National program, local support

With over 40 years of experience managing hospital medicine programs and robust subspecialties, we have the resources it takes to build successful programs customized for the local communities they serve.

Data-driven performance improvements

As our partner, you have the support of our performance improvement teams and receive real-time data access to vital metrics to empower clinicians to practice more effectively while improving quality, accuracy and compliance.

Patient-centered care approach

Our proprietary APEX program aims to improve patient experiences and continuity by engaging teams in evidence-based, compassionate care with specialty training and strategies, like rapid admit and discharge-by-appointment.

Strong leadership and development

Through our dedicated hospital medicine leadership team, we develop strong on-the-ground and national leaders who create industry-changing strategic, operational and clinical best practices to benefit our partners and patients.

I could not be more proud and happy for our hospitalists and clinical leaders. In hospitals across the country, they make clinical quality and patient safety their top priority every day. The collaboration we enjoy with our partner hospitals, as well as our data-driven approach and culture of continuous improvement makes these results possible.
Dr. Rohit Uppal, Chief Clinical Officer, TeamHealth Hospitalist Services