Hospital Medicine

We’ve been an innovator in hospital medicine since the early ’90s. That’s a lot of admissions under our lab coats.

Safer. Higher quality. Evidence-based. Patient centered.


Hospital medicine is the country’s fastest growing specialty, and with our strategic vision across the continuum of care and stellar day-to-day performance, you’ll be able to focus on growth.

We operate with the mindset of the hospital process (not just the illness) from diagnosis to discharge and beyond. At every opportunity, we dissolve siloes and align incentives and training to improve communication, efficiencies, and outcomes. Our devotion to the patient experience and quality of care gets real results through real action: tactics like rapid admit and discharge-by-appointment, plus strategies for reducing readmissions, improving patient flow, and smoothing transitions of care. Our strategies deliver lower costs, shorter lengths of stay, better medical outcomes for acutely ill patients, a solution for unassigned patients, and overall higher satisfaction.

As our partner, you tap into the collective wisdom and deep expertise of the best hospitalists and the largest healthcare data set in the country, a secure Patient Safety Organization, and superb risk management—all of which drive consistently top levels of performance. In turn, this helps us attract the highest-caliber clinicians who consider hospital medicine as much a calling as a career.

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I started as a hospitalist with TeamHealth right out of residency, thinking it would be a year or so until I went into private practice. 8 years later, I'm still here and love the daily challenge.
Dr. Olga Decker Hospital Medicine Physician

Equal parts passion and profession

With us, you get a well-oiled team—one where each member learns from peers and mentors and benefits from behind-the-scenes support. We improve outcomes across the board through collaboration and coordination, like multidisciplinary rounding, 1-to-1 scribe support, and daily cross-practice meetings with everyone from night docs to home health reps. These tight working relationships maximize physician clinical hours, alleviate the stress of miscommunication and handoffs, improve continuity for the patient, and raise all around satisfaction-for the patient and their many providers.

The numbers speak for themselves

We love talking about what we do, but when it comes to demonstrating the impact we’ve had in hospital medicine, we figured some figures might be just what the doctor ordered.

  • Expertly manages 240,000+ admissions each year
  • 2,400+ programs nationwide
  • 7M+ patient encounters
  • 4,300+ providers

Gratifying work with great benefits

Your well-being is just as important as your patients’. Here are some of the ways we help you stay happy and practicing at your best.

Go “Beyond the Medicine”

Your growth and future are important to us, so we’re offering free skills-based lectures with experienced TeamHealth physicians on how to make the most of a career in Hospital Medicine.

Spread your wings

If you want a more diverse experience, our Special Ops teams let you work in a number of facilities and cities based on patient need.

Don’t just get by

With a 2-year commitment at certain facilities, you can get a monthly stipend for the rest of your training.

Put your best foot forward

We see asking for help as a strength, not a weakness. Our Residency Relations team will get you in good shape before you apply at TeamHealth, with free resources, interview prep, and reviews of your resume. Contact