Ambulatory Surgery Center Anesthesia Services

TeamHealth provides quality-driven, evidence-based anesthesia services for ambulatory surgery centers that create operational efficiencies, improve outcomes and enhance the patient experience.


Consistent and reliable, hands-on ambulatory anesthesia coverage from pre-op to recovery

Our anesthesia teams partner with you to enhance overall surgical efficiency through coordinated care and streamlined processes. With increased anesthesia availability and collegiality, we develop a local anesthesia care team with the skills specific to each facility and community we serve. All these elements allow patients to receive efficient and effective care with superior outcomes.

Clinical Care Paths

With multi-modal, evidence-based pain management and opioid reduction protocols, we provide a customized suite of anesthesia services, including regional blocks.

Quality assurance

Our teams’ incentive performance metrics are tailored to align with your goals for growth, quality and patience experience.

Custom-built teams

Each of our anesthesia teams consist of board-certified anesthesiologists and CRNAs and CAAs best-suited to the needs of each of our partner facilities.

Advanced coverage

Our local teams and community medical directors work closely with our partners to eliminate late starts, improve room turnover and promote consistency.

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