Learn the skills of emergency medicine

TeamHealth’s Emergency Medicine APC Fellowship Program offers skills and knowledge to improve and strengthen our collaborative workforce.

The need for Advanced Practice Clinicians (APCs) continue to grow within emergency medicine. TeamHealth is committed to developing and supporting innovative programs to further improve and strengthen our collaborative workforce of physicians and APCs. TeamHealth is dedicated to providing opportunities for APCs to enhance their knowledge and skills for the practice of emergency medicine.

If you’re interested in learning more skills in emergency medicine, explore our Emergency Medicine Advanced Practice Clinician Fellowship Programs located throughout the country.

APC fellowship programs are a nationally recognized approach to accomplishing the goals of collaboration and advancement and include:

  • To maintain the autonomy of each program, but provide standardization when appropriate and
  • To support existing APC fellowship programs within TeamHealth to aid the development of future programs by collaborating with current and future program leaders.



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If you have interest in gaining hands-on experience, complete the online application to the Emergency Medicine Advanced Practice Clinician fellowship program and indicate which program fit your interests. If you are applying to multiple programs, complete the online application and contact Abbie Tapp-Pearson.


In addition to your application, you will need to submit three recommendation forms from three individuals (new graduates must include one reference from program faculty and if employed, one reference must be from a supervising physician). Please use the reference form provided and have the references mailed directly to the program in a sealed envelope.


For general information about the Emergency Medicine Advanced Practice Clinician fellowship program, contact Abbie Tapp-Pearson. If you have questions about a specific program, please contact the the program representative with contact information below.

Capital Emergency Associates of TeamHealth
Austin, Texas

Katie Masters: kathryn_masters@teamhealth.com

Application Cycles for Austin Program:
Rolling admissions

TeamHealth Mid-America
Moore, Oklahoma

Ryan Pitt: ryan_pitt@teamhealth.com

Application Cycles for Oklahoma Program:
Spring Class begins March 1st: Applications open May 1st – July 31st previous year
Fall Class begins Sept 1st: Applications open Dec 1st – Feb 28th previous year


Disclaimer: The educational materials contained within this site are provided to assist TeamHealth affiliated medical providers and medical directors with clinical and leadership activities. The use of these materials is voluntary and should not be construed as an attempt by TeamHealth to establish standards of care or practice mandates. Each clinician must decide care based on clinical presentation, provider expertise, and institutional practices in accordance to nationally accepted standards. TeamHealth does not guarantee the accuracy of the contents of this information, thus end-users are warned that they must use this information at their own discretion. Ultimately, it is up to the Hospital’s leadership team to develop site specific guidelines for their facility.