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TeamHealth celebrates our clinicians and associates for the invaluable work they do each day to improve healthcare delivery. We also celebrate their passions outside of work! In the Life spotlights stories that showcase the interests and talents of our clinicians and associates and the impacts they have on their communities. Join us as we explore and share them with the world!

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Dr. Morgan Cheatham shares how her passion for the outdoor sport adventure racing has helped offer her an escape through nature. Adventure racing, which involves a combination of trekking, mountain biking and paddling, has been a part of her life since 2021, and offers her connection to the outdoors and to others.

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Dr. Justin Deaton shares a passion for medicine that extends beyond the hospital and out onto the football field. He is also an airway management physician for the NFL Jacksonville Jaguars, where he enjoys offering medical care from the sidelines and the experience the energy of the game directly from the field.

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Dr. Fry’s Medical Missions

When Dr. Janae Fry was in medical school, she participated in an international medical mission trip to Guatemala. This trip sparked a passion and commitment to medical mission work that now takes her to Chogoria, Kenya, annually.

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Cindi and Hero’s Story Continued

Earlier this year, we shared the story of Hero, a puppy taken in to raise and train for guide dog service by Cindi O’Boyle, PA-C, EM-CAQ, and her family. Now, we’re bringing you an update about Hero’s place and his new call to service: as a support to Cindi’s family, particularly her husband, a military veteran.

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Dr. DeGarmo’s Love of Music

Dr. Noah DeGarmo has always had a passion for piano. As an emergency medicine physician he not only finds joy by playing piano but by also sharing his gift with fellow clinicians and the patients he serves.

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Peggy’s Story of Resilience

Peggy Richardson had a below-the-knee amputation after developing an infection after minor foot surgery. Ten years later, she visits new amputees in the hospital, offering the support and comfort she knows patients need.

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Dare’s Fitness Journey

When the pandemic began, Dare Evans wanted to find a way to continue her fitness journey while staying connected with friends and neighbors. That’s when she and others started socially distanced workouts together.

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Dr. McMurray’s Medical Missions

Dr. Brian McMurray returned from his 44th trip to Ukraine in early 2022. Discover his incredible story of partnership with medical professionals and civilians over the years and amidst the country’s ongoing conflict.

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Dr. Balentine’s Medical Missions

Dr. Bryan Balentine has traveled across the globe on international medical mission trips. Along the way, he has learned that giving back to those in need has given him a new outlook on his professional and personal life.

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The Carrolls and Tooth Bear-Y

When her children started losing teeth, Liz Carroll wanted to find a creative, fun way to celebrate and work with the tooth fairy. She and her husband, Dr. Robert Carroll have worked to get Toothy Bear-Y out into the world.

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Cindi and Hero

When Cindi O’Boyle and her family wanted a pet, they decided to help raise and train Hero. As a potential service dog, Hero is part of a national program to connect veterans, first responders and people with visual impairments with trained animals.

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Dr. Krueger and Bruddah Brewery

Dr. Philip Krueger’s travels during his military service took him across the globe. When he fell in love with the Philippines, he decided to open a brewery there with a mission to “break down barriers one brew at a time.”

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