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Zenith: A Powerful Tool For Clinician Communication

By Jonathan Hensley, TeamHealth IT Senior Solutions Engineer, Clinician Experience and Solutions Delivery

For clinicians, keeping up with the day-to-day tasks in your position is often cumbersome. Why is there one place to go for your schedule, another to see your paystub, and yet another to check email, each of which asks you to login again? Why can’t this be easy? Why can’t there be a single place to go? A one-stop-shop for clinicians that provides convenient access and powerful tools for managing all your administrative items. With today’s technology, can we really not just have all these systems work together and have access to it all in the palm of your hand?

At TeamHealth, now you can. We call it Zenith. Zenith is a TeamHealth clinician’s direct connection to our community of over 25,000 TeamHealth associates and beyond!

Zenith is a mobile-first app for email, training, scheduling, and HIPAA-compliant chat. It’s a hub for administrative tasks such as access to paystubs, licensing renewals, facility information, clinical tools, industry news, hot topics updates, file sharing and more. Zenith was designed to make your life easier by enabling you to get the administrative tasks out of the way efficiently so you can focus on what’s ultimately important, providing high-quality care to your patients.

From the beginning, it was clear that TeamHealth had found something special. The broad feature set, ease-of-use and flexibility of the platform wows users all across the company. Zenith usage continues to soar far above our expectations and is embraced by both leaders and front-line clinicians alike.

Zenith puts the clinician in control. They can choose what they want to see, whether they are notified and on which platform. With apps for iPhone, Android, iPad, Windows, Mac, and of course, browser support, they have the convenient access they need on any device.

The Zenith communications tool was born in the cloud in early 2018 as a tool to provide our clinicians with the ability to communicate and collaborate in real-time on the go. TeamHealth developed a custom, state-of-the-art, mobile single sign-on integration that allows access to all our resources seamlessly without ever leaving the Zenith app.

Once the clinician logs into the Zenith app the first time, it knows and remembers them. No password prompts again tomorrow or even next week. With the Zenith app, the clinician always logged in and have direct access to all your resources. For those times, when they need to get away, spend time with family or go on holiday, Zenith makes it easy to snooze reminders, always allowing them to focus on what’s important.

The dashboard delivers the relevant upcoming tasks the clinician need to pay attention to. At TeamHealth, we help keep clinicians informed by providing licensing renewal reminders, training deadlines and more on your Zenith dashboard. As soon as they launch the app, those tasks are at the forefront in their action center. When they see compliance training is due, a single tap is all it takes to launch the course.

With Zenith, they are also automatically plugged in with their team. TeamHealth’s facility channels put their team at your fingertips. Social style newsfeeds and discussions, document storage and sharing, team calendars and group chats keep their team connected. Additionally, Zenith allows clinicians to communicate with colleagues outside the company safely. They can collaborate with hospital care teams and administrators alike. It’s all up to the clinician. Zenith’s desktop apps even have screen sharing and video chat built-in ready for them to start sharing with a single click.

Zenith feeds and chat

Zenith’s clinical education resources are created and curated in-house. TeamHealth has full-time staff dedicated to building relevant, hot-topic based videos and podcasts, which keeps the clinician informed of the latest industry trends. In Zenith, they can subscribe to the topics they find relevant and have them delivered directly to their feed for a personalized experience.

Zenith educational resources

Another proud benefit of Zenith is the security is baked right in. The security Zenith offers is unlike other companies! Zenith gives TeamHealth clinicians access to company information easily through their phone or other smart device without the burden of installing additional device management apps. Zenith is able to do this without compromising privacy concerns of accessing personal phone or smart device information and maintain strong security requirements to keep company information safe – all while staying fully HIPAA complaint.

Zenith is designed to make life as a clinician easier. The ability to communicate and collaborate in Zenith all across the company with such a large and diverse clinician base is unmatched. Zenith is updated frequently for continual refinement, exciting new features, and an emphasis on providing a high-quality experience to our clinical and non-clinical associates.

Zenith has transformed how I communicate with fellow clinician colleagues and corporate leaders. Through real-time messaging and channel discussions, it fosters collaboration and communication across all teams and service lines. TeamHealth understands that success is achieved when all sides communicate.”

Cindi O’Boyle, PA-C, EM-CAQ, APC-Director, TeamHealth Emergency Medicine, Northeast Group

If you are a clinician and are tired of the disorganized, administrative overhead and disjointed systems access, having to continually sift through email for links to different resources and websites with seemingly unending prompts for usernames and passwords, maybe it’s time to simplify your life. Let Zenith take over, keep you logged in, and remind you about the stuff relevant to you.

TeamHealth currently has open opportunities! Join a team that supports you and recognizes your impact in providing excellent patient care. Become a part of an innovative clinical network at TeamHealth to experience Zenith and more tools to remove distractions and put patients first!