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April 26, 2023

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Finding the Right Clinical Services Partner for Your Hospital or Health System

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The healthcare landscape is constantly evolving. From the continued effects of the pandemic, shifts in value-based care, ongoing staffing shortages and everything in between, one thing is clear – hospital and health systems need reliable and innovative partners. The clinical services partner a facility chooses can have far-ranging impacts. The choice between insourcing – or employing physicians – and outsourcing is an important one, and there are many factors to consider. Outsourcing key hospital-based specialties can improve care quality and patient safety and lift some of the heavy administrative burdens off clinicians and facility administrators.

The Right Clinical Services Partner

Outsourcing clinician services is a big decision for hospital and health system leaders. However, our depth of experience and expertise in this space has provided vast benefits to our partners across the country. Facilities need the right partners in the right places – and TeamHealth is proud to be the chosen clinical services partner of almost 700 hospitals across the country, providing more than 26 million patients the care they need each year. Our national footprint reflects a size and scope that is an important differentiator, allowing us to bring innovative services like our proprietary patient experience and clinical analytics programs to our partners.

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