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Recognizing TeamHealth Women Physicians

Today, Feb. 3, National Women Physicians Day, we recognize TeamHealth female physicians for their impactful contributions to our company and the field of medicine. It is the perfect moment to highlight an inspiring physician, Vibhuti Chopra, MD, TeamHealth assistant facility medical director at NewYork-Presbyterian Queens in Flushing, New York.

Dr. Vibhuti Chopra’s Story


Dr. Chopra was inspired by her family and community to become an anesthesiologist.

“In terms of inspiration for my career, it starts from the very beginning,” Dr. Chopra explained. “I was born into a family of very successful women leaders – women who said ‘I will put both my family and my career first.’ At an early age, I was exposed to my mother working very hard and climbing as high as she could while still being a very involved and connected mother.”

Today, her strong support system has expanded to include her husband and his family.

female physician, Dr. Vibhuti Chopra with her husband and baby

In addition to her personal inspiration, she has many professional mentors. She works closely with Ahmed Soliman, MD, facility medical director at NewYork-Presbyterian Queens.

“I’ve had several career mentors at every step of the way,” she said. “I would be remiss not to mention Dr. Soliman. The amount of mentorship he has provided me in such a short time is so phenomenal. I learn from him every day about how to lead effectively and how to communicate effectively.”

Dr. Chopra has experienced professional growth at TeamHealth, and she enjoys her current role as assistant facility medical director.

She is thankful for the women that paved the way for her, and now she is ready to encourage and assist other female physicians on their career journey.

“While it is challenging to be a female physician leader and to juggle all the things that are encompassing our lives as women, it is incredibly rewarding,” Dr. Chopra said. “Yes, it takes navigation, a good support system, understanding and growth. But, at the end of the day, it’s incredibly rewarding to be a part of this group of physician leaders and especially the female physician leaders. I want to provide hope for the next generation.”

National Women Physicians Day 2021

Feb. 3 marks Elizabeth Blackwell’s birthday. She is known to be the first woman in the United States to receive a medical degree. Historically, physicians have predominantly been males, and women aspiring to be physicians often faced obstacles. Since 1849 when Dr. Blackwell received her degree, generations of females and female doctors in the United States have made strides toward equality. In 2021, the field of medicine is more diverse. Every day, women provide high-quality patient care and innovations that improve the field.

Today, women physicians make up about a third of the workforce. And, as we look toward the future, half of all medical school students are women.

TeamHealth Career Development Opportunities

TeamHealth is dedicated to moving the needle to improve the recruitment and retention of female physicians. We promote a community of continuous learning, encouragement and diversity in the workplace.

TeamHealth has a networking group that focuses on developing female leaders and mentees. Learn more or join this growing network of women here. You can engage in professional development activities and connect with women leaders across TeamHealth.

Follow TeamHealth social media channels and #NationalWomenPhysiciansDay to continue the celebration. Share your stories of colleagues, friends and family who are amazing female physicians.