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May 3, 2023

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Transforming Insight to Action with TeamHealth’s Cognition Platform


Is your emergency department struggling with operational challenges? Have you seen difficult-to-plan-for fluctuations in volume or length of stay? Or, do you simply want a better way to present data? Emergency medicine teams face many barriers to high performance, and many teams may lack the necessary data and analytic support to help build the right action plans. These complex and often interrelated problems leave many department leaders without a clear path forward. To combat this, TeamHealth created a proprietary platform that fills in the gaps. Meet Cognition.


Cognition is a one-stop modeling environment, considering arrival patterns of ED patients at any time, whether you need to explore by season, month, week, day of week or even hour of day – including evenings, weekends and holidays. The proprietary platforms utilizes four integrated modules that offer advanced analytics and insights to create actionable plans:

  • Shift Optimizer: A suite of demand and capacity modeling tools for clinical teams
  • Productivity: A volume forecasting tool that provides insights into future performance
  • Facility Profile: A facility-specific inventory of throughput tactics and other valuable information
  • Throughput: Tools to create customized benchmarks, model demand and see staffing impact

Discover all the platform has to offer your emergency department and how our emergency medicine services can improve quality and safety.