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May 9, 2024

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Transforming OB/GYN Care Culture in Florida

Case Studies

Seeking change and stability, a medical center in Florida turned to their existing provider for emergency medicine, hospitalist and anesthesiology services for their OB/GYN hospitalist services. After just one year, the service line is fully staffed, medical students now covet rotations at the facility and the collaboration between nursing, physicians and the hospital leadership has strengthened the facility’s performance.

As a level-one trauma center, the medical center has a complex patient mix and relies heavily on collaboration among service lines. The facility sought change in their OB/GYN hospitalist services to help strengthen this relationship. However, the timeline was tight. The facility needed changes quickly in both team culture and patient safety. Not only was the timeline short, though, the department had only one physician when new leadership entered. Morale was low, and many community partners were weary of continuing to partner with the facility. Then, in a collaborative effort, the team transformed OB/GYN care culture at the facility.

We enjoy seamless collaboration and open communication with the hospital and unit-level nursing leadership. This collaboration and communication allow us to quickly identify and address challenges for a quick resolution. I cannot emphasize enough how valuable these relationships with nursing leadership are to the success of our program. – Dr. Melanie Altizer

Download a full version of this case study below. Reach out to us to learn more about our services and how we can partner with your facility.