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March 15, 2023

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Enhancing Emergency Medicine Performance across Diverse Facilities in a Midwestern Health System

Case Studies

Cognition is TeamHealth’s proprietary clinical analytics platform that helps emergency medicine (EM) leaders optimize staffing and clinical operations. When a large Midwestern healthcare system sought improved performance, they turned to TeamHealth. Using Cognition, our operational and clinical performance teams implemented tailored strategies across multiple facilities in the system.

Data-Driven Solutions in Emergency Medicine

A healthcare system in the Midwest and TeamHealth partner for EM services in 17 facilities. After the initial waves of the COVID-19 pandemic, the system experienced an acute nursing shortage and other operational barriers. These compounding issues hampered performance improvement measures, particularly productivity and staffing optimization. Across 11 sites in the system, the EM teams utilize Cognition, an advanced analytics platform designed to optimize performance and care with custom data.

TeamHealth’s renowned clinical and operational experts, with our robust expertise and resources, build strong partnerships with healthcare facilities and systems to provide patients with the high-quality care they need. With a sharp focus on stability, reliability and longevity, we bring custom tools and vast experience to client sites across the country to advance healthcare delivery. If you’re interested in partnering with TeamHealth and experiencing the benefits of Cognition, reach out to us.

Download the full case study below to learn more.