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Could the TeamHealth Special Ops Team Be Right For You?

By Jo-Ann Toldt, CPC-PRC, TeamHealth Senior Clinical Recruiter, Special Operations Teams

Our Special Operations (Ops) Team is an elite team of highly trained physicians who are adaptable, self-reliant, emotionally intelligent and able to function in all environments. While the team provides integral emergency medicine care throughout the United States, physicians select a region in which to practice.

The Special Ops team provides physicians with a great work-life balance. Do you ever feel like you’re working back-to-back shifts and you really need a few days off to enjoy your other interests or tackle a long-overdue personal project? Physicians on our team enjoy working blocked shifts where they can block time off their schedules for personal time. The schedule and lifestyle are a huge benefit to team members, and the premium compensation helps to pay down student loans or finance those items on your bucket list!

Although Special Ops physicians travel, receive excellent compensation and have blocked time off, this elite team is not a locum tenens team. As a permanent physician on the Special Ops team, there is no worry whether there will be a next assignment or how many hours will be available.

A Special Ops physician experiences various emergency medicine practices all within the same company, and those physicians who have an interest in leadership can attend TeamHealth’s leadership development courses. In fact, many Special Ops physicians have had the opportunity to showcase their leadership talent serving as interim medical directors.

As your career develops and life happens, it is reassuring to know you have opportunities available nationwide with a company you know and trust. To find out how you can become a Special Ops physician, contact one of our recruiters at so you can live where you want, and practice where you’re needed.

originally posted on May 3, 2018