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Happy EM Residents’ Appreciation Day!

By Ellen Delgado, Residency Relations Specialist

This Wednesday, March 7, EMRA’s annual EM Residents’ Appreciation Day will recognize Emergency Medicine residents from across the country for the dedicated service they provide on a 24/7 basis as a significant and vital workforce. Many of our residency specialists will host events during the week to show our appreciation, including dinners, bowling, paint parties and even ax throwing! Our residency specialists have also hosted local events after the annual ABEM In-Training exam, which took place throughout January and February.

These events promote resident wellness, allowing residents to step away from the hospital and their busy schedules for some relaxation and networking with their colleagues, while learning about opportunities with TeamHealth and meeting TeamHealth physicians and leaders in their field.

At TeamHealth, we value physician wellness and put great emphasis on work-life balance for all of our employees and clinicians. We offer a wellness program called LiveWell WorkLife Services, which is designed to assist associates and their family members with personal and professional issues that affect their daily lives. For more information, visit our LiveWell WorkLife Services website.

Many residency programs are developing their own wellness programs to combat burnout in their departments. If your residency wellness program is interested in a TeamHealth sponsored event or lecture, please be sure to contact your residency specialist or email us at

Frank Lee, MD, Special Administrative Consultant at TeamHealth, gives an effective lecture on Work Life Balance for residents. Here are some key points from his presentation to remember when fighting burnout and aiming to achieve work life balance while in residency :

  • Put things on your calendar
  • Take vacations
  • Just say no
  • You should be the #1 priority on any list; this means taking care of you first
  • Without you, the rest of the priorities are meaningless
  • You can only control two things in your life: What you do and What you eat

Residents – Thank you for all that you do every day and for the sacrifices you make.

For more information on TeamHealth residency outreach, please visit our new residency website or email us at

You can also find us on Instagram: @teamhealthresidency and on Twitter: @th_residency. We can’t wait to hear from you!