LiveWell WorkLife Services

Feeling worn down, burnt out? LiveWell WorkLife Services may be able to help.

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LiveWell WorkLife Services is designed to assist associates and their family members with personal and professional issues that affect their daily lives. If referred to a counselor in your area, three in-person counseling sessions are covered at no cost. If further treatment is needed, the counselor will help seek out the most appropriate resource. Additionally, there is no limit on telephonic counseling which is available 24/7.

All TeamHealth associates, spouses and children have access to LiveWell WorkLife Services by calling 844-526-8300 and mentioning you are with TeamHealth. Online resources are available by visiting (access code: teamhealth).

If you need help accessing LiveWell WorkLife Services please contact  EricaRose Johnson, TeamHealth’s Clinical Care Liaison, by email, or at 865.293.6605.