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5 Ways for Physicians to Combat Stress with LiveWell WorkLife

According to Psychology Today, stress is a feeling people have when they are overloaded and struggling to cope with the demands of a threat.

A number of things can cause stress: A death, divorce, difficult relationships with a partner or co-worker, money troubles, the list goes on. Our LiveWell WorkLife services identify five things you might be stressing out about, and gives suggestions on how you can feel better.

Money is the number one stressor for Americans, and according to a 2014 American Psychological Association survey, 72 percent feel stressed about it at least some of the time in their life.
A few things you can do are meet with a financial expert or seek out online workshops, and use various tools to help you create a financial plan. Challenge yourself to automate your savings, and put away at least 10 percent of your income every month.

Balancing work and life can be stressful. When you add the complexity of managing relationships with friends and family into the mix, it can cause stress.
Navigating relationships can be tricky, but try talking with your manager about how he/she can help you integrate work and life in a way that meets your personal needs and the company’s professional expectations. Set clear boundaries when necessary and ask for support when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Excessive worrying about things that may or may not happen can leave you feeling pessimistic, irrational and out of control.
When you find your mind racing, take a few minutes, close your eyes and focus on breathing. Meditation helps improve outlook and decrease stress levels.

Switching from task to task—and spreading your attention—comes at a cost. It’s easy to get sucked into constant connectivity, but always-on technology isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.
Try to lower your stress levels by focusing on one task at a time. And when you need a break, take it. Go for a walk, and step away from the screen at least once a day.

Lack of sleep
Adults who don’t get enough sleep are more likely to report symptoms of stress. It can make you cranky, and it takes a toll on productivity.
Lack of sleep causes stress, but stress also causes lack of sleep. Break this vicious cycle by cutting off all screen time at least 20 minutes before bed. You can also dim the lights, drink chamomile tea and do some light stretches to help yourself unwind.

As a part of TeamHealth’s commitment to physical and mental well-being, we invest in programs to enhance available resources through LiveWell WorkLife services. These health resources and personalized support services help our clinical and non-clinical associates find the balance, support and care needed to live the healthiest lives possible.

For more information, visit our suicide prevention awareness page, and to access LiveWell WorkLife Services call 844-526-8300. Please contact with questions.

originally posted on September 14, 2018