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National CRNA Week 2019: What’s It Like to Be a TeamHealth CRNA?

In part two of our #CRNAWeek blog series, Nicole Hubbard takes a deeper dive into what clinicians can expect when attending TeamHealth’s leadership training and the benefits of working at TeamHealth.

TeamHealth: Could you tell me about your other leadership responsibilities at TeamHealth?

Hubbard: I am an appointed member of the National Advanced Practice Council, a group of certified registered nurse anesthetists, nurse practitioners and physician assistants, representing the different geographical regions and service lines of TeamHealth. I am one of five that represent our anesthesia service line nationwide.

One of the founders of TeamHealth, Dr. Randal Dabbs, is the champion of this council. He meets with us at our monthly meetings, annually at the National Medical Leadership Conference, and also for a two-day meeting in Knoxville at TeamHealth’s National Service Center for our advanced practice clinician (APC) retreat specifically to address APC issues and develop best practices. APCs make up nearly a third of the clinicians of TeamHealth and provide care to a third of the patients, so TeamHealth really values our role. The mission of this council is to represent TeamHealth APCs nationwide, so we are the voice to the executive and physician leadership of TeamHealth.

TeamHealth: Leadership as a CRNA is kind of unique at TeamHealth, but what advice do you have for those interested in pursuing leadership?

Hubbard: I tell students all the time: “If you want to learn something or be a part of something, then take the initiative to ask.” So, if people are interested in leadership opportunities, then they should let their Chief CRNAs know. Everyone needs a succession plan; I’m going to need someone to replace me one day. We all need to be thinking about how we can help develop each other and our colleagues.

From an administrative or a leader’s point of view, we need to be able to recognize our colleagues that put in 120 percent and really go above and beyond. As a Co-Chief CRNA, I am always looking for colleagues who are engaged and interested in working on certain projects, able to attend meetings around the hospital that my schedule may not accompany, able to orient new hires, participate in task forces, etc. There are plenty of ways to engage CRNAs who are willing to put in a little extra time and go that extra mile. The leadership opportunities are limitless at TeamHealth, and as an experienced leader in my community, this is one of TeamHealth’s opportunities I value the most!

TeamHealth: What do you enjoy most about practicing with TeamHealth or what are some of the biggest benefits of practicing with TeamHealth in your experience?

Hubbard: The fact that TeamHealth has a National Advanced Practice Council is a true testament that TeamHealth is a company that values the APC role and recognizes the collaborative relationship between the APC and the physician leads to best practices in providing quality and cost-effective care. TeamHealth provides leadership training to CRNA and physician leads and truly invests in the future of TeamHealth’s leadership. You get on this council by being recommended by the president of your group and then you have to be accepted onto it, but it’s quite a coveted thing.

TeamHealth respects and values the advanced practice clinicians and they recognize how important we are to the practice.”

We have open CRNA opportunities at Tampa General Hospital and nationwide! Join a team that supports you and recognizes your impact in providing excellent patient care.

To discover how TeamHealth supports clinicians and offers growth opportunities throughout the organization through our leadership development resources, visit our Leadership page.

Happy National #CRNAWeek from TeamHealth!