Medical Directors

A good leader has the power to affect patient care
every hour of every day

PLAY: Setting the tone for the practice and clinicians

True leadership transforms

A practice can be defined by its medical director and their style of leadership. That’s why we take extra care to cultivate and nurture successful leaders at TeamHealth—ones who will set the tone for a practice and guide their teams toward tangible goals like client retention and patient satisfaction, cultural goals like successful interactions with nursing and other clinicians, and the ultimate goal—flawless patient care.

As a TeamHealth medical director, you’ll get training on how to effectively and efficiently put your strategic vision into motion. You’ll take the helm, with our national resources at your back and the support of peers to tackle challenges and share successes. Finally, you can leave behind the worries of managing a practice since we take the business function off your plate so you can focus on leading your teams to success.

You’ll have all the benefits of our powerful national network with rigorous risk management to feel secure in your work. But more important, you’ll be free to focus on making your work meaningful—with the power to make the right decisions for your patients, as part of a community of clinicians who care as much as you do.

When championing your clinicians, your field, your healthcare system, your community, and most of all, your patients, you’ll see the visible impact your leadership has in people’s lives.

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Innovation in six practice areas

See how our practice models improve outcomes for both patients and their physicians.

Gratifying work with great benefits

Your well-being is just as important as your patients’. Here are some of the ways we help you stay happy and practicing at your best.

Get comfy

Our medical directors show an industry-leading 94% retention rate at TeamHealth, with average tenure over a decade.

24/7/365 support

Connect, consult, and collaborate with thousands of other medical directors through your “virtual office” for education, conversation, and practice organization.

Take the LEAD™

Our medical directors never stop growing, with physician mentorship, education, and online training through our LEAD program.

Stay smart

Get up-to-the-minute advancements in medical knowledge through our education platforms, including 300,000+ hours in CME last year.