Hospital Medicine

We've been an innovator in hospital medicine since the early '90s. That's a lot of admissions under our lab coats.

Safer. Higher quality. Evidence-based. Patient centered.

Our devotion to the complete care of hospitalized patients is unflagging from diagnosis to discharge—and beyond. The collective wisdom and data-driven resources that we share with all TeamHealth hospitalists lead to consistently top levels of performance. This, in turn, helps us attract the highest-caliber clinicians who consider hospital medicine to be a calling as much as a career.

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I started as a hospitalist with TeamHealth right out of residency, thinking it would be a year or so until I went into private practice. 8 years later, I'm still here and love the daily challenge.

Dr. Olga Decker

Hospital Medicine Physician

Take patient care to the next level

When you join a hospital medicine practice group, you join a real team—one where each member learns from peers and mentors and benefits from behind-the-scenes support. 

As a TeamHealth hospitalist, you’ve got the strength of 5,000 colleagues behind you. With access to the shared experiences of 460,000+ hospital visits per year through the secure, protected Patient Safety Organization, it’s as if you have support right at the bedside. While this evidence-based approach improves hospital performance, it also reduces your risk as an individual. Most important, it improves patient outcomes.

The numbers speak for themselves

We love talking about what we do, but when it comes to demonstrating the impact we’ve had in hospital medicine, we figured some figures might be just what the doctor ordered.
  • Expertly managed 400,000+ patient admissions last year
  • Strong network of 16,000+ clinicians
  • High job satisfaction with a 92% clinician retention rate
  • 2,500+ clinicians chose TeamHealth in 2015

Top clinical insights

From the moment I joined TeamHealth, I felt that I became part of a community of like-minded physicians.. TeamHealth provides an organized platform for networking and growth.
Dr. Hammad Rizvi,  Regional Medical Director
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