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Answering the in-house versus out-source question

Let’s face it—lack of in-house specialty support is a growing issue with many roots, such as:

  • Physicians refusing to provide specialty call coverage
  • Rising call coverage stipends
  • Shortage of surgeons to cover ED call
  • Specialists moving away to subspecialties
  • Inability to attract new specialists
  • Failure to attain a Trauma Center designation
  • Patient outmigration and decreased market share

Fortunately, our specialty services are the fix for patient diversions, longer stays, lost revenue, and damaged reputation.

Our guaranteed call coverage and in-house specialty coverage improves the emergent surgical experience. We can turn program costs into incremental revenue, optimize for reimbursement, and ensure compliance and quality care with our on-site physician leadership and quality improvement programs. By removing the call burden from your specialists, we add surgical volume, increase market share, improve throughput, and save you money.

OB/GYN Hospitalist
Our OB-ED model fundamentally changes how hospitals care for expectant mothers. It enhances patient satisfaction and increases hospital revenue. It creates a safer and more comfortable birth experience for mother, baby, and family, and it offers a safer place for private OB/GYN physicians to practice.

Orthopedic Surgery
Local physicians embrace our model because it means they can add more cases on their own terms. Our services reduce outmigration, improve market share, and accelerate the financial contributions from ED call.

General Surgery
With our model, you can significantly increase your surgical volume by accepting and appropriately treating all emergent general surgical patients, including transfers.

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You have access to a team that takes care of all the headaches of billing and coding so you really get the opportunity to focus on good patient care.
Dr. Khadeja Haye National Medical Director

A team of innovative individuals

In this growing space, we back our hospital medicine subspecialty teams with evidence-based data to advance their skills and the practice area. At the same time, they take the lead in industry-changing studies and programs to develop their subspecialty’s visibility and efficacy—in reducing costs, increasing value but most of all, create better outcomes for each and every patient.

The benefits of an optimized subspecialty program mean leaps and bounds in terms of patient care and quality of life for clinicians. For example, here are just a few of the benefits we’ve seen from our dedicated OB-EDs:

  • Better patient safety
  • Enhanced quality of care
  • Higher patient satisfaction and clinician satisfaction
  • Improved recruitment and retention for physicians
  • Optimized hospital finances

Top clinical insights

What we offer is the opportunity to focus on the medicine you want to practice, focus on patient care and be free from as much of the administrative distraction as possible.
Dr. Neil Vining National Medical Director

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