Emergency Medicine

Compassionate care for patients on their worst days is how we treat every day.

PLAY: Tremendous infrastructure in emergency medicine

Since the '70s, our focus has remained: patient-centered care

Despite a challenging healthcare environment, our emergency medicine clinicians are ready for each patient that comes through the ED doors. 

For 35 years, we’ve provided support services, networks of communication, educational resources, and brought together a community of thousands of emergency medicine professionals to share and shape best practices. 

Our history and national footprint in emergency medicine allows us to achieve the highest standards in care, informed by decades of evidence-based data. To that end, we’ve created robust risk management programs to help our clinicians feel confident in their work. We harness a nationwide arsenal of tools, clinical resources, and collective knowledge for our emergency clinicians who provide the best for their patients. 

TeamHealth has a tremendous infrastructure, lots of opportunity to move up the ladder both professionally and personally, lots of resources from an educational standpoint, and stability in the workplace.

Dr. Randy Katz

Medical Director

From baby steps to leaps and bounds

Founded by emergency physicians, TeamHealth has a special fondness for our ED teams. As part of our emergency clinician network, you’ll be able to stay up-to-date on what’s happening with each of your patients through enhanced interpersonal and digital communication and coordination of care. Our clinicians pride themselves in sharing best practices, learnings from tough cases, and leading-edge technology to take the ED to a new level of efficiency and excellence.

The numbers speak for themselves

We love talking about what we do, but when it comes to demonstrating the impact we’ve had in emergency medicine, we figured some figures might be just what the doctor ordered.
  • Helped 25m+ patients last year
  • Provided 300,000+ hours of CME credit
  • High job satisfaction with a 92% clinician retention rate
  • Every minute, 23 patients are seen by a TeamHealth clinician

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