We’re pioneering care management inside and outside the operating room.

PLAY: Focus on the patient, not administrative burdens

Coming together to advance the practice of Anesthesiology.

Our anesthesiology teams deliver care to thousands of patients in different clinical settings across hundreds of practices in 19 states. Though our touchpoints and case mixes are diverse, the one common thread is the support we provide our clinical teams so they can focus on exceptional patient care and OR effectiveness.

As part of TeamHealth Anesthesiology, you won’t have to worry about administrative burdens or scheduling restrictions. Instead, you’ll have the freedom to practice when and how you want, plus the flexibility to lead industry-changing studies and programs like patient blood management or standards for the perioperative surgical home. It’s this firsthand research and knowledge fuels our fire of continuous improvement in Anesthesiology as both a medical practice and a patient-centered service.

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Passion + compassion

Our anesthesiology and pain management teams take care in developing individual care plans for each patient they see. Learn more about how we support our clinicians, so you can best support your patients:

The numbers speak for themselves

We love talking about what we do, but when it comes to demonstrating the impact we’ve had in anesthesiology, we thought some figures might be just what the doctor ordered.

  • 23,000,000 patient visits and encounters
  • High job satisfaction with a 93% physician retention rate
  • 380,000+ anesthesiology cases managed last year
  • Reduced risk by with proprietary clinical database

Top clinical insights

Since joining TeamHealth, I have been welcomed into an organization that is built on a strong foundation of patient safety, quality and satisfaction.
Vibhuti Chopra, MD, Assistant Facility Medical Director, NewYork-Presbyterian Queens, TeamHealth Anesthesia

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