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Accomplishing the Impossible: Transitioning a Multi-Facility Contract

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The scope was massive: a start-up involving 20 programs spread across six hospitals that included six adult EDs, four free-standing EDs, two pediatric EDs, six adult hospitalist programs, one pediatric hospitalist program and one palliative care program.

More daunting than the scope? The timeline. We had 42 days beginning over the Thanksgiving holiday when our team was notified that another provider group had backed out of the opportunity, leaving these hospitals with few alternatives but to turn to premium labor.

As one can imagine, the atmosphere was tense, as local market leaders and administrators had been through a tumultuous time of uncertainty.

It was a seemingly impossible mission, yet our team was able to sign 273 clinicians (155 physicians and 118 APCs) of the 276 needed to go live at the contract start.

How did we do it? By focusing on three primary drivers of success:

  • Authentic, transparent relationships
  • A dedication to a common culture
  • Infectious enthusiasm

Learn more about how we managed this multi-facility contract transition by downloading the team’s latest white paper. Connect with our team to discover how we can help your facility.