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March 1, 2022

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Championing Team Culture to Improve Hospital Medicine Performance

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When a system scorecard highlighted weaknesses within a 500-plus bed Kansas medical center’s hospitalist division and the facility’s other vital specialty departments, it signaled a need for culture change, better communication and more streamlined collaboration. The facility turned to TeamHealth to help stabilize quality metrics and improve hospital medicine performance.

“Our success says a lot about getting the team to buy in, and sometimes that’s easier said than done… We got buy-in gradually and built on the people in the group who were responsive to the efforts, and this created a trickle-down effect.”


TeamHealth’s series of initiatives unified the facility’s key clinicians across specialties. All involved, including the hospital administration, recognized the work as a dynamic force within the hospital’s framework of vital departments. The experience of this hospital is representative of the swift improvements TeamHealth brings to our clients nationwide. From leading-edge operational tools to informed decision-making and outstanding clinical performance, TeamHealth is uniquely positioned to help leading hospitals and health systems optimize performance. Learn more about how we help transform hospital medicine performance.

  • Geometric Mean Length of Stay (GMLOS) decreased to 10% under goal
  • Follow-up appointments scheduled prior to discharge increased from 25% to 72.8%
  • Compliance with the 3-hour sepsis bundle increased to an average of 79%

Download the white paper below to learn more about the customized, collaborative strategy we put in place.