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Six Steps to Build a Successful Pediatric Emergency Medicine Program

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When it comes to medical care, children are not just “little adults.” The field of Pediatric Emergency Medicine requires specialized knowledge, training and experience to effectively care for infants, children and adolescents—especially in an emergency, when every second counts.

In fact, a study published in 2022 found that critically ill children are four times more likely to die if they are taken to a hospital that scores low on the “pediatric readiness” scale and twice as likely to die at an ill-equipped trauma center than if they visit an emergency department (ED) that is well-prepared for pediatric patients. Studies like this underscore the industry’s increased awareness around the value of pediatric emergency care, as well as the rising demand for pediatric emergency medicine physicians who have the ability to support a dedicated service line or hospital “department within a department.” This white paper explores how the field of PEM differs from adult emergency medicine and offers tips for hospital leaders to build, grow or strengthen their PEM service.

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