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OB/GYN Hospitalist Program Q&A with Dr. Khadeja Haye

What is the role of an OB/GYN hospitalist?

In obstetrics, we know that minutes and even seconds matter. Delays and lack of coverage can negatively affect outcomes for our patients. OB/GYN hospitalists provide 24/7, in-house coverage for pregnant patients presenting to the hospital, either on labor and delivery or in the emergency room.

How do OB/GYN hospitalist programs impact patient safety and care?

OB/GYN hospitalist programs positively impact outcomes and experience. With a round-the-clock, in-house presence, we can reduce potential delays in care, which improves the chances of a positive outcome for a mother and her baby. What we do goes beyond “safety net” care. Instead, we work closely with other departments, nursing staff and facility leadership to create a customized approach to specialty care for inpatient and emergency cases. Together, we greatly affect the care for the patients we serve.

How do OB/GYN hospitalists impact quality?

Improved patient outcomes boost patient safety and also heighten quality. One of the vital areas we focus on is collaboration with nursing staff. Working as one team, our enhanced collaboration improves quality for the patients we serve and also strengthens nursing and clinician retention.

What sets TeamHealth apart in this space?

With a sharp focus on continual improvement, we consistently outperform the national benchmarks for obstetric quality metrics. With our national footprint, we scale innovative solutions to meet our partners’ unique needs, while tapping into our vast network of operational and clinical resources.

Our custom approach to acute obstetrical services includes unique programs that raise standards of care in faculties across the country. On-site education, including our National Skills and Drills Program, enhances quality and safety while also enhancing communication and collaboration between the OB/GYN  hospitalists, nursing staff and community physicians. We improve maternal care with custom solutions such as OB-ED implementation and other scalable strategies to enhance obstetrical services in facilities across the country.

Benefits of TeamHealth’s OB/GYN Hospitalist Program:
  • Improve service and outcomes for mothers and babies
  • Reduce risk with immediate physician availability
  • Reduce ED call requirements for community physicians
  • Enhance collaboration and partnership with community-based physicians
  • Improve work-life balance for OB/GYN providers on staff


Learn more about our OB/GYN Hospitalist Program here.