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August 19, 2019

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TeamHealth co-founder has always worked in the trenches

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Dr. Randal Dabbs grew up in Hohenwald, a small town 80 miles south of Nashville.

He remembers his life on the farm there as idyllic — they raised chickens, grew peanuts and worked the land. It was a life full of gratitude and contentment.

His father, Alton, had returned from World War II and for 32 years drove to the next county to a factory job. From time to time, his mother, Bernice, would take a job at the shoe or garden hose factories to help pay the bills.

Alton and Bernice were hard workers who never complained. It was an approach to life that had a significant impact on him.

“After World War II, it was just such a big deal to have any kind of a job, make a living, support your family,” he said.

Though the family never had hard times, Dabbs remembered thinking at a young age that he never wanted to feel at the mercy of a factory boss or live in fear of layoffs.

“If I can work for myself and not have to be at someone else’s willy nilly and not being able to provide for the family, that’s what I’ll do,” he said. “And I thought I was smart enough to get one of those jobs.”

The idea stuck. As co-founder of TeamHealth, Dabbs has helped grow one of the largest physician practices in the world, combining his love for practicing medicine with that drive to forge his own path.

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