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10 Tips to Improve Patient Experience

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By Dennis Jepsen DNP, RN, FNP-BC, CEN, Performance and Innovation Consultant and Tracy A. Galione, RN, MSN, MBA, NE-BC, Performance & Innovation Consultant


Patient experience is a vital component of healthcare. Whether a patient presents in the emergency room or for a routine visit, a positive experience helps ensure treatment follow-through and trust in their clinician. As clinicians and healthcare administrators, we must prioritize the patient experience as a crucial step in the continuum of care. To help, we have gathered ten tips to improve patient experience.

10 Tips for Improved Patient Experience

  1. Assess operational and patient flow to maximize efficiencies to prevent delays or waiting time for the patient.
  2. Deliver effective, caring and compassionate communication with the patient and/or family, focusing on empathy.
    • Say hello.  Acknowledge the patient by name.
    • Introduce yourself and your role.
    • Apologize for their wait if necessary.
    • Start the conversation with something non-medical.
    • Acknowledge their concerns. See the encounter through the eyes of the patient.
  3. Sit and do not appear rushed.
  4. Listen to the patient without interruption.
  5. Assure the patient’s knowledge of the treatment plan.
  6. Educate and inform them of the time it will take to complete the evaluation or diagnostics. Overestimate this and under-promise, over-deliver.
  7. Keep the patient informed when encountering delays.
  8. Address the patient’s comfort.
  9. Provide thorough, clear discharge instructions and confirm the patient’s knowledge of the home care plan. Include the “teach-back method.”
  10. Assess staff wellness and unit morale. Happy Staff = Happy Patients


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