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TeamHealth and Skilled Nursing News Webinar on Cardiac Programs in Post-Acute Care


Cardiac-related illnesses are among the most challenging clinical scenarios for skilled nursing facilities, requiring a close partnership with hospital systems to successfully support patients with cardiac issues. TeamHealth has nearly a decade of experience in developing and managing cardiac programs as a partnership between its community cardiologists and local health systems with a primary goal of reducing readmissions from skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) back to hospitals.

This webinar prepares post-acute providers to manage perhaps the sickest patient population in healthcare with the highest return-to-hospital rate: heart failure patients who are too functionally ill to return to independent living at home. You’ll learn how:

  • Through aggressive bedside management of patients and close interaction with the providers and staff at the facilities, you can intervene on thousands of cardiac patients and help bridge their care back to the community and their community cardiologists.
  • To introduce new protocols, new technologies and how to educate the staff in your SNF.
  • To manage patients with cardiac failure, those hospitalized recently with a myocardial infarction or need cardiac surgery, arrhythmia management, difficult to manage blood pressure (including orthostasis) or any patient that the treating clinician needs cardiac assistance.

Access the recording to learn how to manage effective cardiac programs in skilled nursing environments.

Vivek Reddy, MD, CMD, FACC

Dr. Vivek Reddy is the Director of Post-Acute Cardiology at TeamHealth. Over the past decade, he has spearheaded the creation and expansion of a cardiology service line in post-acute facilities in Delaware and Maryland, a novel approach to reducing hospital readmission from skilled nursing facilities (SNFs). Dr. Reddy earned a Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship at Jefferson University Hospital/Christiana Care Health System in 2013, where he also did his Internal Medicine Residency. He earned his medical degree at Jefferson Medical College, Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia PA and a Bachelor of Science degree at Eberly College of Science at The Pennsylvania State University. In addition to his role in TeamHealth, he has experience in all levels of care including acute care, home care, and facility-based long-term care in Internal Medicine, Cardiology and Palliative Care/Hospice. He earned his Fellowship at the American College of Cardiology and achieved his certification as a Medical Director from the Society of Post-Acute and Long-Term Care.

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