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March 24, 2023

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Strengthening Anesthesia Patient Experience in a Diverse, High-Volume New York Facility

Case Studies

TeamHealth is enhancing outcomes and performance in facilities across the country with the proprietary APEX program. In a non-profit hospital, an anesthesiology team has achieved markedly improved patient experience scores after the deployment of APEX.

Partnership Information

  • A 500+ bed non-profit facility in New York
  • TeamHealth Services: Anesthesia

The Challenge

Perioperative interactions are often missed opportunities to improve the patient experience. At a large, non-profit system in New York, leadership tasked teams with enhancing patient experience and raising scores. Historically, the system used standard patient surveys, but with an increased focus on improving patient experience, the system needed more data. One facility in the system – already partnered with TeamHealth for anesthesia services – embarked on an effort to improve the experience for surgical patients in the perioperative stages.

The facility has an incredibly diverse patient population, located in the most varied borough of New York. With this in mind, the team needed a multicultural approach that would consider all patients and their unique needs.

The Solution

With the challenge set, the team began implementing TeamHealth’s proprietary APEX program. The Performance and Innovations Consultant (PIC) team and clinicians gathered data and methods from sites able to maintain above the ninetieth percentile in patient experience scores. The team took the learnings from this collection and created a turnkey system with global strategies and customizable tactics to improve patient experience.

The key components of the program are data collection, education modules and shadow rounding. With a good relationship already in place, the team collaborated closely with facility leadership during the rollout.

Data Collection

Existing datasets around patient experience are often high-level and lack customization. The text-based survey in the APEX program is unique in its customization – down to patients and clinicians. Facility leadership was eager to implement the survey, bolstered by the partnership’s existing trust and collaboration. The team has seen excellent patient feedback so far, which improves morale. However, when negative responses are captured, the team has a quick and effective outlet for service recovery.

At this facility, the multi-lingual and diverse patient population necessitates further customization of the survey to be effective. Currently, the survey is in English, but operational experts are working diligently to translate the surveys into other languages to ensure all patients can provide feedback and receive support.

Education Modules

The program includes standardized education modules for all clinicians to complete. These modules include a variety of multimedia clinical education materials created by a multidisciplinary team. They also cover a variety of topics related to patient experience, including patient communication, cultivating empathy and more. With the PIC team on site to launch the program, clinicians also receive hands-on education. When clinicians complete the modules, they receive Continuing Medical Education (CME) hours, as well. At the New York site, the anesthesia team has a 100% education completion rate.

Shadow Rounding

Shadow rounding has become an important tactic for continual improvement and real-time feedback for clinicians. These encounters not only improve the patient experience but also the clinician experience. Clinical teams benefit from personal feedback, and leaders benefit from empowered teams. This can also change clinicians’ outlook on patient experience and emphasize the importance and impact of patient experience beyond survey scores. At the site, the team has seen first-hand the effects of positive feedback and the value of clinician growth.


With an increasingly consumer-focused healthcare landscape, patient experience has become a key priority for facilities across the country. Data indicate a strong correlation between the implementation of the program and increased patient experience scores. Studies consistently show that better patient experience means better patient outcomes. That’s why programs like APEX are vital to improve care delivery. Results from this facility include:

  • Of 170 text-based survey responses over a three-month period,
    • 79% rated their overall anesthesia experience as “excellent,” with an average of 4.4 (out of 5) or above throughout the period
    • 97% of patients reported they spent time with their anesthesia clinician prior to surgery
    • 84% of patients responded “excellent” when asked how well their anesthesia clinician answered their questions
    • 89% of patients responded “excellent” when asked how well their anesthesia clinician eased their anxiety


TeamHealth’s innovative APEX program improves patient experience and enhances anesthesia clinicians’ experiences. To best accomplish these goals, though, it’s key to have a clinical practice partner with the right skills, resources and experience. Reach out to our team to learn more about how your facility can benefit from our clinical and operational expertise.